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For Sale HK 990 Harman Kardon Integrated Amplifier


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HK 990 Harman Kardon Integrated Amplifier for sale 220-240 50hz

Amazingly powerful amplifier.

Note: *****This unit is 220-240 50hz*****

Some of the Features:
150wpc, benched about 190wpc
Dual mono
HT Bypass
dual sub outs
EzsetEq room correction
L/R preouts
XLR Balanced/unbalanced
All available digital connections
HK HRS link for optimal connection with HD990 cd player

I can't say enough about this amplifier

$1050 shipped double boxed in the US. If outside US I will have to quote a shipping cost. Local pick up will be discounted price, will meet within 45 mile radius of 60585, Plainfield IL

I have not used this to it's full potential. Here is what I have used/tested on the unit:

Speaker 1
Unbalanced analog
All digital connections inputs including HRS link
Basic functions balance/tone controls.

I have no reason to think any other feature on this amp doesn't function.

Included in sale is remote, ezseteq mic, HK BTA Bluetooth adapter, 220-240 50hz power cable, and manual

Happy to answer any questions.
I have about 30 pics of this inside and out upon request.  Overall condition 8/10, very nice IMO  If interested I will spell out imperfections, most are not even noticeable from 3' away.







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Thanks, I haven't seen a single negative comment on the web about one of these.  It was definitely ahead of it's time with some of the features, and still holds up to any of todays integrated amplifier standards.  I love what the EZsetEQ room correction does for my room and my rf7ii's.  Not sure how many have dual independent sub calibration, and dual sub HT bypass?  I never set up the HT bypass due to location and cabling issues of my theater/2channel systems, but it would be ideal for what I want to accomplish.  The WAF is large as all of my gear below is in our main living room.

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