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Pic of my complete (for now) home theater


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Finally finished painting the center speaker stand I built so I figured I'd snap a pic of the current setup.

It's a hodgepodge of speakers, I know.  KG front mains, Synergy center and Reference surrounds.  Peavey subs. :wacko2:


But, I love how it sounds.  Especially now.  I used to have my subs behind my tv against the back wall.  After having our carpets cleaned a couple days ago and moving everything around I thought I'd see how it worked to have my subs up front for a change.  OH MY.  SO MUCH MORE BASS.  I had to turn down the sub output level on my receiver a few dB and I'm thinking I still need to lower it a tad.  I always thought they were in the best place for my room.  And, with their size in our small basement there really aren't too many placement options.


Not shown are my newly acquired RB-5 IIs that are pulling surround duty.  Mainly listening to 2 channel music just to get used to the new setup.  Basement is still a little messy from moving stuff around.


It's certainly not anywhere near a lot of the systems you guys have but I'm certainly enjoying it!


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58 minutes ago, TasDom said:

Looks great Wuzzer, I like the riser you built for the center! :emotion-21::emotion-22:

Thanks!  It turned out a lot better than I expected.  It gets the job done and if you notice in the pic it puts the tv about an inch higher than my subs.  Talk about a tight squeeze!

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Perfect fit, I really like the look of that stand under the one you built. I always liked that type of stand, don't know why just always have.

I have never heard the KG's but looking at that picture they do not need to worry about putting out much bass with the 2 subs. Bet it sounds good, it sure looks good.


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That one is from Ikea.  Very solid unit and I think it was only around $60.  It's actually a very dark chocolate color but blends really well with everything else being black.  I like the divider down the center.  It's about 2 inches thick and adds a ton of support.

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2 hours ago, Shodrewken said:

Mark, its been awhile! Glad to see you posting again! Your setup looks great, and I'm sure sounds amazing. What happen to your Chorus'?

Sold them to a friend for $70!  Just wanted to change things around and it was either go all in do a full restoration on them or let someone else enjoy them.


I left my job of nearly 20 years in October.  Not working has been really nice.  Been doing a lot of projects around the house and a lot of volunteer work.  Feels great!  I'll re enter the working world again in February.

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