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RP-HUB1 CEC/ARC settings and TV setup Issue

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Hello all!


I just bought the RP-440WF speaker bundle and it works great!

However.. I'm having issue with the HUB not turning on automatically with the TV, here is my setup -



Vizio Smart TV -> Optical out to RP-HUB ---- CEC and ARC turned on within TV

RP-HUB HDMI out -> Visio TV ----- CEC and ARC turned on within RP-HUB

PS4 and other devices connected to the TV HDMI


Turning off the TV turns off the HUB = OK.

Turning on the TV doesn't turn on the HUB automatically = PROBLEM.


Can anyone help with configuration? Any ideas?


FYI: The exact same setup works perfectly with my old Samsung Home Theater - TV power turns on/off the Receiver automatically.


Please help!




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I answered a question from reddit but thought it may apply here as well (the solution below also turns my HUB on/off when I turn my TV on/off:

I was in the same situation with a Samsung 65" Smart TV. When something doesn't make sense to me I obsess over it. Based on all the reviews on this, I couldn't get over the fact that a company like Klipsch would put HDMI ARC support in their manuals but not actually have it working. ($50 sound bars even support it).
After a few days of trying different combinations on inputs and settings, downloading and updating the latest firmware all while contemplating returning the whole system that I got on sale for a fraction of what it normally goes for, I got it to work with just HDMI cables - no optical cables.
I have a Samsung Smart TV that comes with a One Connect input box that uses a proprietary cable to run back into the TV. (there are no input signal ports on the tv)
How I got it to work:
My PS4 and Chromecast is running into the Samsung One Connect HDMI 1 and 2 inputs respectively. I have the Samsung One Connect HDMI 4 port (ARC) running into the Klipsch Hub's HDMI OUT/TV. The TV and Klipsch Hub both have ARC/CEC turned on. Here is the trick, you have to set the Klipsch source to TV. All audio coming from the tv, including smart TV apps, the PS4 and the Chromecast comes out of the Klipsch speakers. I didn't think to try switching the Klipsch source to TV because in my mind TV inputs in the past have always been for coaxial (cable) connections.
My only issues now are that I have to change my Samsung input to HDMI 4 if I need to change Klipsch settings. So far, I haven't experienced the other major issue folks were having with speakers dropping out. Hopefully I'll get lucky with that one. The sound that this system puts out is fantastic. It's awesome to hear all the work these composers and sound engineers put into these movies and shows.

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