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Old Promedia 2.1 - should I even bother?


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I wanted to replace my Altec Lansing speakers at work and home with something that sounded better.  After some research, it sounded like the Promedia 2.1 was still the best candidate around $100.  Since I'm a Klipsch fan, that worked out - or so I thought.  So after more research, I decided I wanted the old version that supposedly sound better.  I knew about the amplifier issues and control pod issues but figured it was likely internet negativity and couldn't possibly be that widespread.  I found two sets for $50 each locally and I bought both.


The first one was missing the speaker grilles (I was fine with) and after I set them up, I found the subwoofer is blown (just the speaker itself).  Otherwise it seems to work fine and I've been using it as is at work for a little over a week.  I can get a new woofer from Klipsch for $30 shipped but they're on backorder right now.


The other set I just got and as soon as I turned the power on I could hear interference noise coming from the right speaker but I started playing music and it wasn't noticeable but then the left speaker started sounding distorted.  I swapped the speakers and the issues swapped with them so it isn't the speakers that are the problem.  I did some research about possibly replacing pieces on the circuit board in the amp myself but that's not a guarantee and the transistor isn't replaceable.  Wiggling the DIN connector for the control pod makes it pop if that means anything.  The seller on this set says he'll give me my money back if I want.


I don't even know if I should bother trying to repair either set.  I'm starting to think I should have just spent the money on getting the new version from Best Buy... Used parts on eBay seem to cost more than they do from Klipsch so a new amplifier from them may be less than the $60+ they sell for used but I'm not sure yet.  Do the old versions sound that much better that they're worth spending money on to fix or should I cut my loses?

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I wouldn't pay someone else to repair it if I went that route.  I would either attempt to replace the resistors, capacitors, etc. myself or just buy another amplifier (depending on the cost, of course).  I may try and call Klipsch later and see if they sell just the amplifier and how much it would cost.  I'd bet at least $50 though and that would put me at the cost of a new system at that point which really goes back to the does the old system sound that much better that I should just fix this one or ditch it and buy a new one.  The guy I bought the second system from asked about shipping insurance so he may be unwilling to give me my money back even if I do give it back to him at this point.  I'm not sure, I haven't really looked into it yet.  It isn't really that important at the moment.

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