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FS: RF-7’s, RC-7, RS-7’s - Black Ash


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45 minutes ago, mimalmo said:

The only thing a drop can cause is packing material to slam into the cone. The magnet is not a factor at all unless the magnet is completely breaking off the basket and rolling around inside the box.

Yes, this is exactly what I was describing. The magnet sheers off from the plastic basket, bounces around from the inside and beats the crap out of the drivers, tweeter and crossover.  I'm not saying this happens on every shipment but it has been documented on more than one occasion.

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The speakers are sold.  These now have a new home in Houston.  It was great to meet "Kriton".  He is a real audio lover and Klipsch guy for sure.  The speakers were in superb condition exactly as his original post.  He was very accommodating to my schedule due to the long travel and bad weather.  I made some extra padding from cheap sport seat cushions at Walmart.  Put them under each end of the box after it was wrapped in plastic bag and a tarp (lots of rain that weekend).  They arrived home without any damage (despite the rough highways in some areas).  Now set up and rocking...more fine tuning to come.






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I know this thread is complete. 

Just wanted to throw out there I have been looking for 4 RS-7's.  I currently have 4 RS-3's with a set of RF-7's, RC-7 and RSW-15 in a 7.1 surround system.


Kriton, if your RS-7 deal fell through, I'd be very interested.


Thank you,


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