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Is there a timeline of Klipsch speaker model releases?

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1 hour ago, wvu80 said:

I like your project.  I just sent you a Heritage prices spreadsheet and a Word document.  Maybe we can find some way to combine info into one spreadsheet using different sheets.


Edit:  I've been looking at your spreadsheet.  There is some more technical info I think should be included.  For instance you have HF size, that should have more detail and list the drivers.  The Khorn uses the K-77 compression driver, a K-55v (for instance) mid driver and I think a K-33 or K-43 woofer.  We should note the models and sizes.


Also, the Khorn was a model for 70 years.  We could sub-divide it into eras, such as Type A XO, Type AA,  Type AK, AK-2. etc.  It's a whole project just documenting the Khorn.


And if we really want to get fancy, we could also include sales brochures and pics. (CF-4)



Love the brochure pic you chose (CF-4's, which I have).  :)  All great idea...see, I knew you guys would be able to suggest how to make it better.

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23 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:

And there is no better person than @JRH to review your work, give guidance and help spot any errors.


His forte is the company and products when Paul owned the company, but he continued to be the company Historian until he retired a year ago.


Please be prepared, a lot of valuable digital information was lost when they made a change of some sort and so some things are lost forever.  However, he has personal knowledge of many, many products either because he was directly involved in the development and engineering, or he was in charge of the people who were.


I suggested a post in Museum section,, Ask The Historian, because that is really the only area he visits on here.



That sounds great too.  Did your @JRH tag him or something, or does someone need make him aware of this thread and his requested brilliance on the subject?

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