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Center/surround suggestion/opinion


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I recently started to build up my HT because of a good deal on a pair of brand new RP-150M's. I bought Denon X540BT to drive them. Not even 2 weeks passed and I started to miss the surrounds and center, so I bought a pair of R-14S surround speakers. I know RP line would fit it better, but considering the almost 4x price difference between the R-14S pair and RP-240S pair (clearance deal on first, overpriced tag on second) I was wondering if it will fit my setup well or not. Cable only arrives tomorrow, haven't even had a chance to try them.


So really, the first question is, considering the line and speaker differences, will I notice any huge difference in sound from surrounds vs front stage?


Second, is RP-250C the only good center to complete front stage? Or maybe R-25C could also work. (If yes, would it be way "off" in sound?").


I appreciate any help in this - thank you.



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So I installed surrounds yesterday and they sound awesome. I don't have any experience with "timbre matching" but they didn't sound way off, downloaded some Dolby, DTS and THX demos and trailers to test. It seemed very smooth. My couch is almost at the back wall, one thing I noticed the surrounds sound way better if I turn 45 deg into my position rather than just hanging them on the wall.


I would be still interested what others think to pair R-14S surrounds with RP-150M fronts and possible RP-250C center.


Thank you.


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