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Some pictures inside our local vintage movie theater...the Rialto


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1 hour ago, longdrive03 said:

VGUY we need to offer our services to build some big speakers if they redo it.  Would be fun!

Yes, really great place and project.  Hope AVGUY and you can work on it.  My city's lone surviving movie palace is now the Perot Theatre.  Magnificent place with extraordinary acoustics and hosts the Texarkana Symphony, amongst other things.  Its original theater organ resides in the catacombs below it awaiting resurrection.  That is my project...  After finding, miraculously, during my transfers of the Paul W. Klipsch tapes a couple of recordings engineered by PWK of John Eargle playing this organ I realized it HAD to be restored.  


Best of everything to you guys on this great project...nothing like bringing back the glories of the past to get a person jazzed up!



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Well, we were at the theater till 1am last night with the video and sound guy from a theater company getting the $25k NEC projector calibrated and the 7.1 Dolby surround server setup. All 5 of the amp gains are almost all the way down! This system freaking rocks! Even the 8 screen Cinema 8 in town doesn't have a 7.1 system...they use 5.1. I donated 2 of my Crest amps for the system to run with the 3 Crown XLS-2002's which give us a total rms power of over 4,700 watts. There's 17 speakers total, counting the LCR's as 2 each, and including the single sub cabinet. One CPX-1500 runs the 2 18" subs at 1000 watts mono. 


This morning, we went back over and played the trailer for Pacific Rim 2 for a small group of people and they were amazed...as were the rest of us from the IT department. The official grand reopening will be next Friday February 9th and we'll be playing Ferdinand for the firat movie there. We figured the best thing to play would be a family oriented movie the first time. Some nights, we're going to play some old school movies like the original 3 Star Wars flicks, Top Gun,  etc. It's amazing for a 95 year old theater. 


The all new pop corn machine is in, hot butter container which hasn't been there in over 20 years, new coke machine, hot dog warmer, etc. We are doing it right. I'll downsize some pictures and post later in the day. Of course, the theater still needs repainting and some other work but that will be done as we go. Admission will be $3 per person except for Saturday and Sunday matinee's which will be $1. Well worth the admission price! Large buttered popcorn is $3 and cokes $2 with  $1 refills. Quite a good deal. I bet we pack the place in on premier night. 

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Yep. Other 8 screen theater in town is almost double those prices with $9.00 Admission. If I take my wife and 2 kids to the Rialto, it costs about $25 for movies, popcorn, and a couple cokes. They're worth that to me. Family time. 


But yeah, drink prices are stupid high everywhere to me. That's why, when we go out to dinner, we all get water. It saves us $10 when we go. 


You must not get out to the movies much. Lol. ;)

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