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Help Identifying a horn - 510 maybe


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This forum has helped me to DIY a set of La Scalas, and I'm working on cabinets now - thanks for all of the excellent advice.  I have all of the parts, but I keep looking for more because it's addictive.  The DIY tops are playing now.  But I keep finding interesting parts.


I was sitting at the ATL airport with nothing else to do, so I bought two smaller horns from the same person recently selling 402/510 pairs - just hit BIN because the flight was boarding.  Figured I'd sort it out later.  They were cheap enough that it didn't really matter, but before buying a set of drivers, I wonder if they match anything anyone has seen.  They are made of "not aluminum", and I was going to take a file to find out what it is, but it is best to ask first.  They seem to match some older 510 pics on the net, and also matched the horns in the sets he was selling.  The description was basically "horn, Klipsch".  If they are very old 510 horns, I'll keep them, if not, I'll pass them on as "horn, unknown".  There seems to be a change in the flare in the horn, they match the dimensions of a 510, they are 2",  and they are dated 2000 and 1999.  One seems to have never been mounted, the other has been used.  There are no other markings, the date stamps are the only info.


They match some 510 photos on the net, of older horns.  


If anyone has seen these, let me know if they match a known part so I know what drivers work or if it's worth doing at all.  And thanks again for all of the excellent technical advice available here.












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The outside dimensions are correct. Is the diameter on the throat 2 inches? The date code is consistent with an early model.

About a third away from the mouth there should be a "bump" on the flare of the wall. I don't see it with the lighting you have. Although the earliest versions of the K-510 may not have had the bump (not to be confused with the "mumps" where the adjacent walls intersect on the newest versions).


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The DH1 is a good choice, just be careful about substituting non-OEM diaphragms if they need replacing. 

Another option, and one I have personally used, is to check eBay and find some JBL 2445 or 2446 drivers (preferably with OEM diaphragms). 

With the proper diaphragm, a K-510 horn can easily be used in a two-way system and crossed as allow as 500Hz.

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