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La Scala help please


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About 20 or so years ago I traded for a pair of Klipsch LaScala's. They have been the most awesome speakers I have ever owned.


I got them out of an old Crystal Palace skating rink that had closed.  I have often wondered what they were worth and year they were made.  


Only serial numbers I see are 3056 and 3057. The nearest I have come up with is 1980, but I am unsure due to the number not looking like other serial numbers I seen the forum.y best guess on value by my research is $1200 for the pair. This is based on what I have seen a similar set sale for on-line in comparable condition.


Only repair ever made in my 20 year history with them is the one plug terminal on 3056 visible by the bright shining gold. See pic.






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Those are Professional/Industrial La Scalas and the serial numbering is different.  The crossover type and driver date codes will help get closer to their birthday.


You will also get more attention and info in the Technical/Modifications section.  Are they one piece, or 2?  Open them up, usually the top, and give us the crossover type, squawker driver model (K-55-?) and Tweeter model and all numbers on it.  If you have a Type AL crossover network, you have not yet heard how good they can sound.  In comparison, it is the worst.  Since it is a pro version, and by the power rating, it will have K-43 woofers, good ones that supposedly have a little more output than the standard K-33-E for a little warmer sound.   Do you have more pictures?  If you are wanting to sell them there is a Garage Sale section below. 

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On 1/22/2018 at 5:18 AM, Rivervalleymgb said:

I had a friend put La Scala's in a skating rink in Ashdown, AR around that time. They were fantastic for that application. 

There is still a pair here at a local rink.  I'm assuming those were hung upside down?

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On 1/21/2018 at 8:09 PM, Oran said:

$1200 for the pair. This is based on what I have seen a similar set sale for on-line in comparable condition.

That may have been an asking price and not a sold price.  Those speakers will need cosmetic work and the crossovers rebuilt or better yet replaced with a different style.

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