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Nice find, but if this is any indication... " transmits up to eight audio channels" It's still most likely only 7.1. 

edit: Unless it can do 5.1.2



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I’ve wrote the Wisa group trying to find actual specs on the Soundsend with no response.


I’ve also contacted several of my audio electronics suppliers and it was the first they’ve heard about the SS unit.  So this seems to be a very soft roll out.  I’ve also have been trolling app stores and found no new apps. 

I'm going to assume it may be site sales only to start.


I will add the comment that one of my two Wisa Klipsch subs went out and the customer support by Klipsch was fantastic.  They shipped me a new one and allowed me to send the bad one back in the same box.


I'm still shocked at the entire abandonment of Hub1 updates.  Very odd and seemingly simple to support.

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