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Crites Type CS 400/6000 Crossovers


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I have a pair of B&K Sound Type CS 400/6000 crossovers for sale near the St. Louis area.  SOLD5a6ca66d7a760_2018-01-2710_03_53.thumb.jpg.081ab92d774e6312eebb28398bfc6021.jpg5a6ca67460e00_2018-01-2710_04_01.thumb.jpg.0d3ba202664079d8f01c94769ac10fa6.jpg5a6ca6776ef00_2018-01-2710_04_08.thumb.jpg.b9cee766abc72a935db7f0d04372ea69.jpg5a6ca67ae3d50_2018-01-2710_04_24.thumb.jpg.25082dc709ca0651b69874d3a13ad6f4.jpg dollars shipped will take less for local purchase no shipping required.


I have had these for around 6 years maybe longer don't recall exactly.  Purchases as I build a Cornscala using OE Klipschorn drivers and only built one test speaker before 'life' got in the way so only one was used the other was hooked up to verify operation is fine.  Probably 100 hours time on the one I used most.


When I built my test speaker the room was untreated and I spoke with Bob Crites and he sent me some other Sonicaps that he felt would tame the sound I was getting.  I treated the room properly and never needed the Sonicaps.  I don't recall where in the network they were intended to be installed but they are included.


Shipping will be USPS ground in the CONUS included in the price.


Local purchase near St. Louis, MO is welcome.




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