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1980 Klipschorn, beginner help.


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3 hours ago, babadono said:

That hiss you hear is Gaussian noise. It is a remnant from the big bang. The universe is full of it.:)

Welcome, you are going to love your KHorns


And that the Khorns can reproduce it, while many other speakers cannot, demonstrates that the Khorns are in tune with the Universe.


Even with solid state, if Khorns did not reproduce hiss, audible from up close to the speakers, the Khorns would be defective.  Mine is barely audible from about 10 feet from the speakers, but not at the 13 to 16 foot listening distance, with my old ears. 


When you replace the caps, the hiss should continue to be audible.


Back to babadono's point, you and I are also remnants from the big bang, after eons of recycling through the birth and death of stars.  Sometimes I hiss.

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I don't think I'd fix the hole at all.  I'd use it to route my speaker wire.  If I did get the urge to fix it, I'd put the very thinnest piece of birch plywood over the back side and clamp and glue it with the best wood glue I could find. 


Hiss can ONLY come from electronics.  The unusually high sensitivity of Klipschorns elevates the hiss to audible levels. 


I can't see your tweeter.  If you have a square magnet K-77-M, you can delete the KLiP diodes for HOME USE.  They chop off the voltage to the tweeter at a level corresponding to about 2 watts (from memory) resulting in a hashy sound when you crank the volume up.  Like when you are having fun with "Sweet Jane" or "Heavy", a sub driver destroyer.  :( 


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