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Hello all:


It's been a while since I visited the forum. I have been enjoying my Klipsch 3.1 setup (RB-25, RC-25, Yamaha Natural Sound Sub) but now I'm thinking I'd like to finally add a set of surround speakers to my set up.


The most logical choice would be a set of RS-25. However, there are a couple of issues:


1. Size: they are quite big (and not easy to find where I live). Right now my couch is backed up against the wall and the left hand side of the couch is also against the wall so it's probably ok with a stand/speaker. However, the right side of the couch is a fairly big end table (and I can't really move it either because the dining table is next to the end table), so adding a stand/speaker between the couch and table would be something that my wife will frown upon... Are there any smaller Klipsch surround speakers that'd match the tonal characteristics of the other 25s'? I haven't been able to find any.


2. Wiring: the most economical option would be running some wires all the way around the back to get to the receiver. Another solution would be to set up the speakers wirelessly. e.g., hook up the receiver to a speaker to line level converter and then from the converter to the wireless transmitter. However, I also haven't been able to find any quality non-proprietary set ups (Rocketfish is not something I'd consider based on reviews).


Any suggestions/recommendations to the above would be much appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

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