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CDT-5800-C-II Mounting Requirements

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I'm constructing a mobile office in an enclosed 7ftx14ft trailer that is just under 100 ft ²  


The trailer was custom built with high than usual ceilings: 7.5 ft.  I'm going to be putting in a small 6" aluminum framed drop ceiling finished with 1/2 plywood.  The 1" steel studs are  fully insulated with closed cell spray foam.  Beyond that is a thin sheet of metal and then the outside world.


I'm concerned that the CDT-5800-C-II are designed for installation into drywall and wont be a good fit in a usual ceiling environment like this.  I can't find any specifications on the baffle requirements for these speakers, are they designed to work well regardless of what enclosure they are mounted into?




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I'd probably be afraid of all the jarring myself, those trailers take a beating at highway speed.  You just have four plastic dog ears holding them up. 


Sound wise it could work though.  I'd probably at least try to put some insulation behind them to try to absorb the back wave as much as possible.  Make sure the wood is braced well especially if you're only using 1/2".  

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