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Klipsch R-115SW Sub

Tony T

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So for interesting fun, I Googled subwoofers in most every way to determine the "best subs" out there. I looked into several mentions including the best of 2017 & 2018 (LOTS of opinions out there) and much to my surprise, the R-115SW wasn't mentioned. The newer Klipsch 10" & 12" subs rated high and were often recognized as being leaders but no mention of the 15" bad boy. This was very surprising to me to say the least! I've already made my mind up to buy one (and likely two) of them to go with my Khorns & LaScala's ... keep it all in the family so to speak. But NO MENTION AT ALL OUT THERE? Seriously hard to believe.  The only thing I can guess is general ratings aren't recognizing and/or rating higher end equipment population. Perhaps general ratings lean toward the subtle and common listening crowd?



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To be fair, the ratings are probably based on specs and there are much better performing subs out there. Not to say that they're bad, just that there's plenty of competition. Usually I would say to stay away from opinions on 'Best Of..' articles and look more at numbers and facts. I was originally looking at the same sub but there were some that out performed it at the same price point and I just went down into a rabbit hole from then on. Ended up with some 18s and ultimately a better decision since I won't have an itch to upgrade them for quite some time and is in a dedicated theater.  

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Yep.  What @dcbrown88 said.  The R-115SW reviews fairly well but there is always a "but"...


What turned me off of buying one is that it seems to be tuned to have a bit of a boomy hump.  I'd prefer as flat a response as possible.  I think that hump is part of what makes it a fun, chest thumping sub.  However, as one reviewer put it, no matter what they did they could not tune out the boominess tendency.  Initial impressions were good, but as they brought in more subs to compare the other options pulled into the lead. 


I haven't owned one or even heard one. It seems like a "fun" sub, but that's not always desired.  I have a place for that in my garage...if my current garage sub kicks the bucket I wouldn't mind putting one of these in to replace it.  That's what the garage is about.  Me wrenching on the car or the bikes, fun music easing my busted knuckles.


That said, who knows...unless you're directly comparing multiple brand subs you'll never know or care of the differences.    From what I gather it is quite capable and refined enough to do a fine job in a home theater and music.

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27 minutes ago, Tony T said:

Yeah, I kinda figured out they're not so good in the specs department. When receiving ONE response, and not a favorable response at that, the story is pretty well told.


Thanks dcbrown


Sorry for the delay, I was too busy selling R-115SW's all day.  I don't buy them 16-20 at a time for no reason.  They are very popular.  If you had any questions I'd be happy to answer them, I've played with two or three... hundred.  The reason the 12's are more popular is because any genius can ship them via UPS just fine plus it's at a good price point.  The 15's are hard to beat in terms of bang for the buck at 20 hz though, two of them had dishes shaking in my house from 60 feet and 3 rooms away, through insulated interior walls.  They're a beast.  That being said, they're not the most musical thing ever.  People view them backwards.  They have no problems down low.  Musical subs are all about the upper extension though.  The growl from a bass guitar and the power from a floor tom is way on up there.  Basically they aren't my favorite from 100 hz on up.  This isn't car audio, crossovers don't have a brick wall at 65 hz like most people expect.  



115 1.jpg

115 2.jpg

115 3.jpg



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