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Trouble Shooting my new Home A/V system


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The more experienced guys may not have a lot of interest in this, but up until a year and a half ago I thought that I was experienced.
I did the attached video because I've seen postings here on issues that have been encountered with the auto setup. I doubt that I will ever use an Auto setup program again. The experience I encountered with this system setup convinced me that I can do better manually.
The system was professionally installed and they screwed up. The pros evaluated the room and again they advised poorly. The room had issues. I had to keep the wife's decorating in mind. And I made some mistakes along the way.
All have now been corrected and the system sounds great. it took a while to get hear but it was a very interesting learning experience.
I also would like to thank the guys on the forum who helped steer me to the RP-450C, it turned out to be a great Center Speaker.
the System:
Vizio 70" 4K UHD TV
Fisher MT-273 Turntable with Ortofon M-10 cartridge
Yamaha RX-A860 Receiver
Front L&R Speakers: Klipsch Heresy I - complete rebuilds
Front Effects: Martin-Logan Edge in-wall speakers
Center: Klipsch RP-450C
SW: Parts Express Titanic #300 10"
Here's the video on how I went through the system and below it is an audio demo
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