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Klipsch Choruses in Metro Detroit


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We've seen these before in June 2017. 


I took the price out in case a forum member is selling them.  From my spreadsheet notes at the time:



Cond A+
African Rosewood, extremely rare Klipsch finish
Custom top
Crites upgrades inc
tweeter and mid horn
Ribbon inductors on the XO for the woofs
super nice looking-dms
Chicagoland area Audiocircle.com


"Condition A" is like a report card, ABCDF.  I NEVER give a used speaker an A, never say never.  B)  The "plus" is for the upgrades, so Condition "A+"

"super nice looking-dms" is my comment, not from the Seller.  My initials are dms


I never found out what the final selling price was at that time, or who bought them, or even if they sold.

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