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turn down volume multiple times (la scala)


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On ‎2‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 1:50 PM, DizRotus said:

IMO, efficient horn loaded speakers sound excellent at any volume.  I too have experienced the same phenomenon with all Klipsch heritage speakers.

in the late 1970's, I did a sales pitch once for Klipsch Heresys in a college salesmanship class...started out at low volume...turning it down bit by bit until it was barely audible...and the room was pretty quiet...and I gave the class a few minutes for "ear adjustment", then asked everybody what they noticed the most...invariably, they brought up the fact that all of the music was "still there...nothing missing...nothing at all".  Then I slowly turned up the volume to about 9 o'clock on the volume KNOB of the under-dash Blaupunkt cassette player (rated at 5 WPC!) attached to a motorcycle battery which I was using on the Heresys.  That was loud enough, but not so loud as to take away from the presentation I was still giving.  I asked the same question...the response was invariably It is the same as at low volume, but just LOUDER now.  So, I explained the accuracy of horn-loading in speakers.  Then one of the students in the class asked how many watts the deck put out and how loud the speakers could get?...So I said the unit was rated at just 5 WPC, and I blasted the Heresys  for a second or two and turned down the volume again...and explained that what they were hearing is speaker efficiency, and explained that, to include how driver magnet size plays a role in that.  Then when asked how much the Heresys cost, I explained that the extra money one spends on highly efficient and accurate speakers can be partially made-up when purchasing the amplifier, because the speakers do NOT need tons of wattage when the speaker efficiency is high. And how high wattage requirements for speakers equates to bragging that your car gets 3 miles per gallon. People tended to brag about how many watts their stereo puts out, so I felt the need to clarify that for them. Needless to say, I got an "A" on that presentation.  I had tons of questions to answer after class from almost all of the students IN that class....and the instructor, himself!. The music I was playing? CSNY's Deja Vu album on cassette!

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I have LaScalas too. I can start listening at a certain volume and find myself turning it down. It’s the material. Different songs have different peaks. In the old days when dubbing LPs and CDs to tape I would find the loudest part of an album to set my levels so I wouldn’t have to ride the gain. When it gets louder turn it down. Nothing wrong.

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