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Khorn False Corners

Tony T

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Does anyone have any simple yet effective ideas for False Corners? I've seen a few online plans but not very intrigued by them. I certainly don't want to build a 2x4 wall that becomes a 4 1/2" thick eye sore. Any cool ideas would be appreciated. Something simplistic is my goal.


Thanks, Tony 

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It doesn't have to be an eyesore, but you need it to not rattle or move at all.  Khorns can create a wind that will flap your pant legs from 20 feet away.  The 3/4" plywood can be walnut veneered, for instance, and stained.  


Another alternative is to seal the backs of the Khorns, like the new ones are, but you still might need some boundary gain and room gain to equal the performance of a Khorn pressed into a room corner.  Will you be using the Khorns unaided, or will you have a subwoofer?  If you use a sub, it might help, but to maintain the clean sound of a Khorn, you would want a horn loaded sub, IMO.

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Within a 38' x 26' x 9' room, I have my 2 LaScala's (rears) and Khorns. I have 2 each R-115SW subs up in a loft area high above the room. The corner of choice within the room for the Khorns has large diameter logs within the corners which support the cabin structure therefore, unable to position the horns against the 90 degree walls. The false corners are so I am able to use them in front of the large logs. Kind of a bummer but once again, impossible to eliminate the logs as they're part of the bearing weight/construction design.

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