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SOLD: First Watt Aleph J Class A 2 ch. Pwr. Amp.


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Asking $995 with Free Shipping. The original Aleph sold for $3,000 and is out of production.


Modified from the original design by Nelson Pass, this is the best sounding amplifier I've ever owned for Horn Based Speakers like Klipsch. Being a Single Ended Class A design, it will easily drive Khorns, LaScalas, Cornwalls, Heresy's, Chorus, and Forte speakers to ear splitting levels without clipping. It has double the output devices of the original (easy to do with MOSFETS). It's EXTREMELY revealing from top to bottom. Deep, tight bass, and Crystalline/delicate high end, but incredible midrange detail especially on female vocals like Diana Krall's.


The original design was rated at 30 Watts per channel, this one is 40 Watts per channel because of double the output transistors and lower source impedance. It's front end impedance easily accommodates a Tube Pre-Amp for those who like tube sound. This is the closest you will get to tubes with SS.


PM me here or eMail claudej1@aol.com. For serious buyers, I'll provide my phone number if you want to have a conversation about it.









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3 hours ago, Schu said:

That looks like an amazing deal, specially when the alternative at that price point is considered.

Looking closely at this... who did the build?

Not sure, but it's a really good job, which is why I posted the innards.

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3 hours ago, HPower said:

Looks very similar to the case work on the 2 Tim Rawson First Watt clones that I have had.


I had a Rawson F3 and later a F5, which both sounded great!

Memory a bit foggy on a snowy aftermath in Michigan, but I think you are right. Thanks for jogging my memory. The guy I got it from said he retired, so I guess the only way to get these is used or build one yourself. All it takes is TIME, money, and to hunt down all the right parts, including circuit boards. The guy that sold it to me had the bias optimized by some experts. All I know is it just sounds amazing. I just need 13 dbW more power for my non-horn (only 85 db efficiency) setup at the new house. Klipsch products are definitely a spoiler for us who like great transient response with very few watts. But it's nice to just buy, then plug and play rather than spend time soldering and hoping that it all works when you are done.


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