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Subwoofer Sizing - Confused


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I'm trying to decide between the Klipsch RP 12" or 15" subwoofer for my HT.


My room is 16.5ft long by 14ft wide by 8ft-10in. high. Primary usage in for movies, TV, and occasional sports. I have both a projector screen and 65" TV (TV sits in a cavity between the roll-up screen).


The general rule is this forum is "bigger is better" but I have also heard others in other forums suggest that 4 smaller subwoofers (8" to 10") placed in each corner of the room would be better.


Also would like to have your feedback regarding placement. I've seen designs with the subs in front, some with them along the sides and some with 2 in front and 1 placed along the back of the wall in a corner.


Really confused.

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Larger subs allow for lower frequencies. 

More subs equals better consistency in response throughout the listening area and higher spl.

more larger subs allows for more consistent, deeper response and more spl.


placement is generally best distributed throughout the room, corners tend to be beneficial with 1 or 2 subs, and midpoints of walls...front back or side to side provides better consistency but less reenforcement from surrounding walld...more walls in a corner.


these are generalities but should help you get started

klipsch subs...big difference in quality between the series....r112sw much better than r12sw


best rule is 2 subs is 90% benefit of multiple subs...i.e. 4 subs or 8 subs isnt a huge leap over 2 compared to 2 over 1

buy quality over quantity then add quantity as cash allows


dont buy little subs...nothing under 10 or 12"

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Yes, more subwoofers will provide more even coverage of the room with bass.  The standing waves/room modes/room resonances are filled in by the other sources of bass notes.  Realistically, few, if any, 8" or 10" woofers can be called a subwoofer.  I have often recommended two 12" subs over one 15" because the performance of 2 is often better than one 15", especially in the areas of distortion at a given sound level and peak sound level, in addition to more even coverage.  It is a way to get higher performance on less money.  It is not likely ideal.  Four R-115SWs would do the trick with output below 20 Hz and effortless low distortion. 


I run 4 or these:  ;)


Active 12", Active 15" and 15" slot-loaded passive.  Distortion is claimed to be 0.5% at 1 watt.  F3 is supposed to be 17 Hz; they were -4 dB at 16 Hz in my old room.  Each gets about 350 watts.  I bought them one at a time over several years.  Going from one, to 2 and finally 4 sold me on the concept of many subs.  


Here is a paper that analyzes placement and number of subs in a room.  The best placements are 4 subs placed mid-wall of each wall.  Second is one in each of the 4 corners.  I think 3rd is 2 mid-wall of the front and rear walls. 


Mulitiple Subs - Number and Locations.pdf

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I have 4 Klipsch subs built into 4 Klipsch speakers. 2-15" front and 2-12" rear. Years ago there were arguments here on the subject about multiple subs in powered speakers with built in subs. I'm sure most of the comments back then were from those that had never heard these speakers but were merely quoting something they has read. I don't know. I just listen to my speakers and can tell you than the sheer energy level these give is outstanding. Nowadays, as you have read above, more people are using multiple subs. Of course you can move multiple stand alone subs wherever you want them. Well the same is true to a lesser degree with my speakers, although if there is room available then I can change placement to a degree. All to say, and has already been said above, buy a good quality 12" to 15" sub and add as you go. Who knows one may be enough or 2 may satisfy you. 2 good subs should work well in your room. Good luck and welcome here.





Klipsch KSP-400.jpg

Klipsch KSP-300.jpg

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