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Happy Birthday Old Man

Trey Cannon

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This is an open letter I sent to the company today...I wanted to share here too.



Happy Birthday Paul W. Klipsch!

              I would love to tell the old man that a few more times. I have been to a few of his birthday parties. I think my favorite one was his 96th.

My wife at the time and myself were invited to visit them at a friend of theirs home in Hot Springs. We met with Steve and Becky Phillips there. They had just been to Hope for the first Pilgrimage and received the invite from Mrs. Valerie.

              Once we all were there, we ate, talked and listened. That’s right, we set and listened to Khorns with PWK on his birthday.

In my book that has a supper high cool factor. 

Not long after that, Klipsch offered Steve a job and he and family moved up to Indy and I made a new best friend.


I would like everyone to take a min. to think about their job and that PWK made that posable. We owe a ton to that man and I for one am very thankful.


When Paul passed, I told Valerie that Gabriel needed help with his horn so they called Paul up to help. I look forward to hearing that horn someday.







Trey Cannon – Systems Engineer

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43 minutes ago, mikebse2a3 said:

The respect and love often expressed by those that have actually spent time with him is a great testament to him as a person.

You made me think of something that shocked me at the time.


Last summer we worked a Klipsch booth at the Watermelon Festival in Hope. We were at the booth all day and it was shocking the amount of people who came up and talked with us about PWK. Some were past employees but most were just people who knew him. It was very surprising that that many people came up just to tell us stories and how much they thought of him. Not one negative story, it was like everyone looked up to and admired him and thought their dealings with him were something they felt good about and was proud of.

I never met Mr Paul but I could not have more respect for him, If nothing else I have never known anyone who has had such a big, and positive effect on people. It was very surprising to say the least and made me feel good just to know that so many looked up to him and was proud to have known him.

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Dear Mr. Klipsch,


Late to the party, as I've been too busy listening to amazingly reproduced music through your premier design.

I cannot thank you enough.

Your birthday has made an awful lot of folks VERY happy!

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On 3/9/2018 at 6:11 PM, dtel said:

Happy Birthday PWK, I wish I would have had the chance to meet him person.

I did, well sort of. Back in the late nineties, I had just landed a job at Klipsch in the sales department. Paul had long since stepped down, and a colleague and I were getting the private tour of the museum from Jim. 


While jim was chatting with Mrs. Klipsch in the other room, Paul walked in, and abruptly said “WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?”. My colleague said “we work for you”. Paul grunted, shrugged his shoulders, and walked out of the room.


When people ask me if I’ve met Paul, I usually tell them “I think so”, meaning we were in the same room together, but I’m not sure we were in the same dimension. 



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