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RP-250c as LCR array?


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Hey I was wondering if anyone has tried a RP-250c Array? 


I am having to move my HT setup into the living room as the theater room is being turned into new LOs room :(. This effectively means new speakers and new compromises. 


So I cant use towers, it just cant be done, I have to mount L/R the speakers on bookshelves. So I was thinking instead of going with RP150ms, I could possibley use 250cs as L/R speakers with a 250c, and 4 250s for surrounds. 


What do you guys think? I know the 150ms would be cheaper and I know they would likely sound fine, but it will drive my OCD up the wall as I do not use grills and looking at 2 speakers with 1 driver each, while the rest of the speakers all have 2 drivers, ya no go. 


Also, does anyone know how Klipsch mounts its RP logos onto the speakers? Are they glued? Are they mounted with the pegs? Whats the deal there? Also is the speaker finish carried underneath of it (assuming yes) as I will defiantly need to move those to the "new bottoms" or "tops" or "center" of the speaker for SURE. 

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