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Off Klipsch topic. VMPS speakers?

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I've heard the VMPS speakers various times over the last 30 years but it's been maybe about 10 years since I have.  Has anyone here ever owned them?  Besides being huge, for the most part, what are their good and bad virtues?  Only reason I ask is that someone I know fairly close has a pair of the FF1's with what's called the "Dynapleat" mid drivers and are quite reasonably priced.  These are about 68" tall x 14.5" wide x 18" deep and somewhere north of 200lbs each.  I thought I'd ask here as I know many of you have owned various high end speakers over the years or have known people that possibly had a pair of the VMPS.  These are from around 1994 which aren't as loaded up with ribbon drivers like the newer RM30, 40, & 50,  Just curious of your thoughts...


If this needs to be moved to the Lounge, or somewhere else, please feel free to do so.


Here's a pic of one...




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Not much help but they were reasonably good, particularly when they had the larger ribbons.  My worry is if the drivers go, mainly the ribbons / pleated drivers which are typically fragile, unlikely you'll find a replacement.

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