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Heresy Type E Crossover Re-Build


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Hey Everyone,

I had such a great response from the forum last time I posted here that I decided instead of again suffering too much trying to figure out the answer myself I would again ask here (see below for my previous post). There is such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience here that I would be foolish to not ask for your insight and ideas. 


I want to do a refresh on my Klipsch Heresy I speakers crossovers, they haven't been touched since they were produced in 1977.

I have decided that I want to do the following:
- replace the Capacitors (100%)
- replace the wire (maybe not but I kinda do)
- understand what those strange things are look like metal frames holding a wound up paper with wires going into it (there are two of them, and they are the only other thing than the capacitors in the crossover, can these fail? should they be replaced?) 
- any success with replacing the terminals on the back of the speakers? Is this necessary? I feel like to be sure it would be good to replace them, but I hate the idea of changing the speakers too much, especially externally. 

So from what I understand is that many consider the Sonicaps too bright and therefore I have leaned towards two options:
- Mundorf Silver in Oil 
- Jensen NOS Paper in Oil (if I can secure them)


So the questions that I have currently are: 

- Have you tried the Mundorf or the Jensen? What caps have you had success with?

- I need a parts list with specific measurements required and I can't decipher a electronic schematic, thank god I have a good and honest tech here locally so I can get the work done, soldering, ect.


- any suggestions for wire that I should use internally for these speakers? I understand that it is better to have a bit of a smaller gauge especially when using a tube amplifier and highly efficient speakers. Should I keep the original? These speakers are in surprisingly good condition for their age...


I'll ping the stand up guys that helped me the first time. Thanks guys! 




Heresy I Type E Crossover.jpg

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Here is what I built for a new E crossover...

1) Jantzen Z - silver 2.2 uF from parts express

2) Erse 2.5 mH solid core inductor ( one of the two solid metal frames on the original... no tabs sticking out) from parts express

3) Autotransformer from Bob Crites (the solid metal frame with tabs)


Re. Capacitors, if you ask 100 people you’ll get 101 answers with a lot of debate. 

I had no reason other than wanting a middle of the road price and there were good reviews. You can spend an awfull lot or very little on capacitors, read everything you can find in these forums before you buy.


Also remember US items will add foreign exchange, more shipping and customs or minimum GST, add those up and you pay about a 60% premium for US parts. There are Canadian suppliers but hard to beat Parts Express and other US suppliers for variety. I had all items shipped to a lace in US I was visiting and saved on shipping and customs. But you have to plan ahead for that.


There is a whole lot of material in this forum you should read, capacitors, solid vs open air inductors, cables incl. inside the cabinet,  new binding posts, internal modifications and wood cabinet care. Many capable folks here, just read all you can and make your own choices.



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1 minute ago, jimjimbo said:

True.  My current order is on backorder.

Last time I ordered from them I was told that there was a 2 week backorder only AFTER I ordered.  I called after not getting any tracking info.  They originally told me 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks I called back and they said it would be 8 more weeks.  I canceled my order and bought Audyns from Parts Express.

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  • 2 months later...

I haven't yet updated the crossovers but the caps I was going to purchase were the Arizona Blue Cactus 2.2uF. They looked to be the perfect match. But as expected PartsConexion sold them to me, only to tell me that they were not in-stock based on what I have heard here and other places I decided to cancel the order.


But now in the meantime I found some Heresy III's on the used market and I am hoping my parents are willing to pick them up for me on their summer drive. Hopefully I will see them by next weekend ! ! ! ! Fingers crossed.  I really love the Heresy sound. I am still dreaming of owning a pair of Zu Speakers but I currently cannot afford/justify the shipping from the USA into Canada. These new Klipsch Heresy III speakers might do the trick for now. I am looking forward to the cleaner aesthetic and the magnetic grills. 

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