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Home Surround System - SOLD!

Ed Rogala

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These Speakers have been SOLD....


I have the following Klipsch speakers to sell.

They were all purchased new in 2003. We are refreshing our main living area and need

to find a home for these. Here's what we have:


Klipsch RF3 II Speakers ( paid $699 for the pair)

Klipsch RC-35 Center Speaker (paid $350)

Klipsch SF-1 Rear Speakers (paid $300 for the pair)

Klipsch KSW-10 Sub Woofer (paid $279)

Total Cost in 2003: $1628

Would be willing to sell the entire lot for $628.

Buyer would have to pick up.

I live in Northwest Indiana (Crown Point)










SF-1 Resized.jpg

RF-3 Resized.jpg

KSW-10 Rear_Resized.jpg

KSW-10 Subwoofer_Resized.jpg

RC-35 Center w Cover_Resized.jpg

RC-35 Center_Resized_No Cover.jpg

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Welcome to the forum.


3 hours ago, Ed Rogala said:

Klipsch RC-3 Center Speaker (paid $350)

I wanted to let you know that the center channel speaker in the photo is either and RC-35 or RC-25 and not an RC-3.


Good luck with your sale.



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