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Cleaning Klipsch Model K-5-J mid range horns?


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I would say a first step is to take off the driver because you certainly don't want any dust getting into it.


My first suggestion would be a Swiffer duster.  They have some sort of an electrostatic charge.  A full sized one should get pretty far in there from the front.  


You have probably seen drawings showing the vanes near the throat (small end).  Maybe you can pull a rag or tack cloth (Home Depot) through them.


Maybe consider hooking up a vacuum cleaner hose to the hole for the driver.  Do you have a vacuum cleaner which allows blowing air?  Or a can of Liquid Air.


I would not suggest cleaning fluid of any sort.  Please no Murphy's Oil Soap either (corrosive). 




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Thanks for the tips. Feel like dust isnt the only problem tho. Like based on the pics I posted there are a lot of random stains that I'd like to get rid of, but not sure how to since I don't want to mess things up with the wrong chemicals.

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A swiffer and a soft brush on your vacuum should be enough.  A barely damp cloth would not hurt, either.  Your DO have the metal throat adaptor, but I cannot decide whether I would remove it.  Alignment at that point should be pretty precise. 

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