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Modern website survey - can you fill out a short multi choice?

mustang guy

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I am getting ready to do a new website for my company, and I am trying to get some clear up some stuff in my pee sized brain about what works and what people like in today's websites. I did not include Klipsch's website in this questionnaire to be politically correct, but I actually really like Klipsch's site! If you would take a minute and fill out this 8 question multiple choice survey, it would help me with this project, and perhaps help us all glean some insight into whether modern is what people want and need.


Here is a link to the questionnaire you can fill out.    
Here is the summary of the answers so far.

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33 people is not enough to make too many conclusions. However, it is better than a couple people sitting around talking about what they think and like.


Let's look at what the results of question 1 tells us. Rockauto.com is a little known website to non-mechanics, but well known to mechanics. On that website, you find a part you need in 1/4th the time any of the other websites and it is almost always far cheaper. The problem with the page is that it is plain and it is simple. In fact, it looks like it was made by a 1st year web student in 1992. Perhaps they believe mechanics are too busy to bother with fancy. Their ads are as simplistic as their site.


Which brings me to the questions:
Is there a way to modernize this website and keep it this functional which would build on their brand?
If they made the site more modern, could they charge a few percent more on parts?
Could they become to car parts what Newegg.com has become for computer parts/building?


Amazon and Ebay are at an unfair disadvantage since finding specifics in them is like finding a needle in a haystack unless you have practice. It is true that you can usually find things pretty cheaply if you have the time and aren't worried about screwing up and ordering the wrong thing. Which brings me to the likes of Autozone. You can't find a part until you tell the website what car you are looking for. Now they know what kind of a car you have which is an advantage. (Ebay and Amazon do this too, but it is far less obvious, and half the time they don't even know you are shopping for a car part) What puzzles me is that of all the auto parts shopping places listed in the questionaire, Autozone is FAR AND AWAY the MOST EXPENSIVE place to buy auto parts of the 4 choices. Here is my research. I looked for a fuel pump for a 2007 V6 Toyota Camry sorted cheapest to most expensive:


Ebay: 957 results, many of which were only strainers, I think they were $6 to $416.00, but with Ebay I would need to spend another 20 minutes to really narrow it down. Questionnaire rank 3rd
Rockauto: 11 different fuel pumps from $14.73 up, more than half were under $50 Questionnaire rank LAST PLACE
Amazon: 17 results from 16.99 up, 15 were under $50, it was surprisingly quick to find! Questionnaire rank 2ndAutozone: 5 pumps from $106.99, and the most expensive one being $158.99 Questionnaire rank 1st


The results speak for themselves. The highest ranked site is BY MILES the most expensive site to buy parts from! The lowest ranked sites are the cheapest to buy parts from.  


I will be digging into the other sites, but I think my mind is pretty well made up. It's not about simple, it's about likeable. Autozone and rockauto do EXACTLY the same thing and in about the same time, but autozone gets to charge way way more...

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Yes, it is still active and it's great! This questionary has eased my life. I'm going to create a website. This will be my first project and I'm clueless about many things. Having looked through the website builder reviews and guides, I understood that I need a really easy-to-use tool as I don't have any coding knowledge. But except for the technician part, I need to do research. So, thanks for sharing such useful information.

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