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Hi Tom
Creek Audiolab Exposure A&R Arcam are good sounding solid state amps. Class D amplifiers could be worth a listen as would be a valve amplifier. I have used an EL34 Push Pull Valve amplifier with very great results for many years. There are some good valve amps from China at low prices Da Ming , Jacin,
The old Leak valve amps like the Stereo 20 & TL12 + sound wonderful.
My regards



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Hey Tom.. I just joined this forum also but have been around Klipsch - even performed a guitar duo through a pair of heresy's that was a welcome sound to the audience. 

My two bits is to say - HA HA your are HOOKed on Klipsch now!! That is PAYBACK for me getting HOOKed on Land Rovers.. :-)

(not really fair since I have spent more on my Rovers than any speakers.. but felt good to say)

Good luck on your search! 

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It took me 23 years to afford Klipschorns, but it was worth it.  Hopefully it won't take you that long!  For now, you could get some other Klipsch speakers, and later use them as surrounds, using your finally acquired Klipschorns as Left Front and Right Front.


But nothing is simple.  Now there is a contender, probably better, the Jubilee, available by special order from Klipsch, through Roy Delgado.  Roy and Paul Klipsch designed it.  It was originally called the Klipschorn Jubilee, because it was intended to be the successor to the Klipschorn. 


Regular Klipschorn



Klipsch Jubilee




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