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Forte III vs Cornwall III vs RF7II


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Ha, chest not breasts, although that'd be cool too.  The RF7 are can be had for at least $1500 less than Cornwalls.  Not make or break, but hey, $1500 buys a butt load of records.  Amp choices are 225 watt Bryston 4B and 90 watt Yamaha AS-1000.  Obviously the former has monstrous power, but the Yamaha is just dead quiet and more articulate.  My current speakers are 91db and the Yamaha only begins to strain at levels I probably shouldn't be listening at.  I would imagine at 101db it will have no problems at all.  The Bryston never strains.  Local used store has several options too, Carver, Adcom, Marantz.

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Serendipitously, a pair of KLF 30s just popped up an hour away from me, so going to give them a go and possibly save my self many thousands of dollars.

Seem like a nice mix or Forte and RF7, double woofer plus the horn mid.  I'm sure I'll making an order from Bob Crites too.

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1 hour ago, geoff. said:

You have found an excellent solution.


WORST case scenario, you sell them for what you paid when you “upgrade” (to LaScalas).


That's the nice thing about classic Klipsch, they are always in demand.  

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I'd forget about the RF-7II myself especially if you have the means to purchase the others available.  The 7III's sound better.  Only reason to go with the 2's is to save a few bucks or if you have a serious aversion to the appearance of the new baffle.  Bass is very nice on the 3's and the horn is much more comfortable, just a very good rock speaker.  No way could the 2's hang with Cornwalls in the midrange but I think this has been cleaned up on the 3's.  


Cornwalls would work as well.  I wouldn't get Forte III if it's slam that you're after.  They have more low bass but I'm talking 30 something hz.  If you want to feel a kick drum slam in your chest I wouldn't pick those.  To get to that point you have to have very high volume anyway and the highs on the RF-7III's are more comfortable at that point.  Most likely Cornwalls are as well but I have not A/B'ed those with anything.  

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