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WTB Forte passive radiator

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2 minutes ago, Ole Dollar said:

@analogman I totally agree with you as placement is the bigger deal, thank you Captain Obvious. :)


Our Chorus II's were a wedding present to ourselves and as I mentioned my OCD would have me restore to newest condition as possible. I do have other speakers that I would gladly do the repairs above, especially if no factory parts are available. The speakers I have repaired do not reach the level of my Chorus or Jubilees so I did not really hear a difference in them after repair - just stopped further issues.


Sometimes I used fingernail polish for some cheap speaker tears like on Bose.



That's not OCD - that's being fastidious and whether it's "overly" or not is a matter of opinion and it's definitely not a negative

I'm the same way

But now with the background story to go along with it, all the more reason I would keep the compliment all original and just do a proper repair

You have to do what you have to do

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I used the recommendation of trying India ink and applying it with a Q-tip by dabbing it on but not stroking it like a paintbrush. Here is a before, halfway through, and after pic of what it looks like now. You might notice a dark spot on the cone but that's just a small mark where some glue was drying. At first I thought a hole was punctured in the radiator but when I looked on the back of it to patch it up, it did not go through. So it was only a mark on the front where there was a small blemish. I put a tiny bit of wood glue on it and spread it around anyway just to help minimize the mark on the front.



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