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Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area


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Hey Randy, thanks for the bump!


I had the lumber store that I purchased the 1 inch thick Baltic Birch from cut the panels for me, although I had them

cut everything about 1/4" oversize. Then with my table saw I cut to exact sizes needed.

I also used a flush cut bit on my router and then sand to get nice true joints at the corners.


The following components are used.
Pair of Selenium D220TI Drivers… $98
Pair of Selenium HM 11-25 Horns… $12
Pair of Selenium B&C DE85TN midrange drivers… $480
Pair of M2380 horns… $170
Pair of midrange horn/driver support brackets and pair of 2 inch gaskets… $24
Pair of CW1526CF woofers… $275
Pair of ALK Engineering CornScala-Wall Economy Universal Crossovers… $320
2 yards of Grill Cloth… $80

1: 4’x8’ 1 inch Baltic Birch… $120
1: 4’x8’ .75 inch Baltic Birch… $90
Shop supplies, misc… $250

Approx. Total Cost… $2,000usd




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I listed in Canadian funds with the hopes of finding a buyer somewhat close to me in the Toronto area (ie. Canadian).

Mainly as I do not want to ship these guys.


As you guys can see from the post in front of this one, I do have about 2 Grrrr USD into these, so I think $2000 CND ($1,525 USD)

is pretty reasonable for what is in these, not to mention how great they sound.

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