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Looking for Khorns, prefer local


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Looking for Klipschorns, pretty much any condition, but complete. Price goes with condition, obviously. My plan is to use the bass bin, and update the midrange & tweeter. First however, I need to acquire a  pair and listen & evaluate.

I have seen a few using searchtempest, but all are far away, and most sellers won't bother with shipping, which can be $$$. Prices vary from below $2K to around $4800, depends on year & condition I suppose. Most I have seen are around $2500 to $3K, pair.

Was hoping someone in the western states might be selling?

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25 minutes ago, Dogsled said:

Well apparently everyone else's icon shows their location, but as a NEWBIE, I guess it doesn't! Not sure I understand that, but anyway....

Located Denver CO

Welcome Dogsled. How far can you travel for a pair? There seems to be an abundance of Khorns in Texas. 

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3 hours ago, KeithMcGowan said:

Damn, I have base bins and modded top hats but I'm in NC. We could always put these on a pallet. :) I might even have some f the drivers or crossovers you want to use, who knows.

Looks to be a 2 day drive minimum each way to Texas locations, probably 3 days to NC. However I do have the Vanagon camper....Where do I sleep?:)

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