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Amp for LS ll's opinion/sugestions plz.


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On 4/26/2018 at 6:09 AM, Schu said:

heck, why even spend $5,000 on La Scalas II's if you are not a discerning listener.

Are you merely a consumer...

Objection! Conjecture.

Radblue is free to purchase whatever he likes.


Schu suggested Class D. For a real cheap intro try one of these. Sure it's a home theater receiver but these sound very good on efficient speakers.


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Everyone hears differently, one mans excellence is another mans failure

Have a listen to as many amps as you can, maybe borrow friends or family members amps if you can

If not find a great Retailer/Dealer that would allow you to try before you buy

Everyone has the opions but in the end you have to live with the system so do your research physically and trust your own ears

Good luck with your search

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