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Looking to Audition a pair of Forte III


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I'm in the Northern California area and can't find a local dealer to go audition a pair of the new Forte III.  I currently have Belle Klipsch (modified) and love them but space restraints for HT (they serve Stereo AND HT duties) have me looking at smaller Klipsch heritage speakers.  Anyways before I go too far down this rabbit hole was wondering if anyone had a pair around Sacramento that they would be willing to audition for me??

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A friend of mine had Lascalas a few years ago and I listened to them a couple of times.


I would say the Lascala (and this was the original version) had the best midrange. But the Forte III is the better balanced speaker overall. And of course, there's no contest when it comes to bass response. For high frequency extension and detail, they are both very good. That one might be a draw.


Some say you can pair the Lascala with a sub and that might get you most of the way there. I haven't experienced that, so it's hard to say.



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