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WTB: Risers for Chorus II


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Hello, anyone have a set of risers for Chorus IIs they'd be willing to sell?  I recently purchases a pair that did not come with any.  They're in Walnut and that's what I'd prefer however I'd be willing to sand and stain if the price was right. 


Located in the VA Beach area on the East Coast.




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6 minutes ago, Olorin said:

If you're handy with the wood tools and run out of patience waiting for a set to come along, they're easy enough to make out of baseboard.  Would just need to veneer the flat face and paint the accent.

 I thought about that.  I moved back in November to a smaller house (renting) and most of my stuff is in storage.  No tools to make much of anything right now.  I'll be buying a house within the next year.  If I don't find any by then, I'll make them myself or come up with some sort of stand.  For now though, I'd like to find a set.  

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Please allow me. Go to your local lumberyard or big box store or Woodcraft store and buy 2 pieces of unfinished walnut boards 1" x 3" x 6' long. Set the saw to a 45 degree bevel. Out of the first board, cut off the end to create your 45. Flip your board, measure 18 1/2" long to long and cut again. Repeat. Then cut 2 more pieces 15 1/2" long to long same way. Grab the next board and do the same thing again. Now you have risers. All you need to do is wood glue the miter joint, clamp them together with 24" clamps. Later when you can visit a friend with some tools, you can predrill 1/16" and hand nail 2" hard finish nails into the joints. Watco walnut oil with a rag, and wipe dry. When dry, flip your Chorus II's upside down. Attach small angle brackets of your choosing to the risers by predrilling shallow holes and  5/8" wood screws. Now lay the riser on the bottom of the speaker and predrill and screw in place. Finally attach 5/8" metal furniture nails by nailing into the 4 corners of the risers. The metal furniture nails have built in spikes and just bite in when struck with a hammer. Flip speakers over, attach speaker cable and start the party. 

For less than $100 total, you test or learn some skills and keep the tools you buy, borrow what you don't have, invite a friend for help, and get what you want right now. Attach photo op here.


I left out one step on purpose, for those of you with access to a router, a 3/4 cove bit will due fine for the upper riser edge.

For the original black trim paint, or those who have original Klipsch black lacquer, Dupli-Color semi-gloss black lacquer aerosol spray paint is the closest match in a can.


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