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Atmos 5.1.2 - Quintet 5 and R-14S


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Last year, I purchased a 65" 4K HDR TV set, Samsung M8500 UHD BR player, Yamaha Aventage ATMOS receiver, and Quintet 5 speakers.  I have a smallish 10x10 living room.  Since the TV was hung just a foot under the ceiling, I added a speaker-mount bar, that attaches to the top set of the TV mount bolts (see generic photo below).  I put the quintet center, and 2 quintet speakers, below the TV.   I mounted the other 2 quintet speakers to the speaker-mount bar, either side of the TV, so they are about 2 feet below the ceiling.  For the rear surrounds, I used a pair of bookshelf speakers I already had.  

Now, Fry's is selling the R-14S surrounds for $139.

  1. Should I place the R-14S in the rear, to replace my non-Klipsch bookshelf surrounds? 
  2. Or should I put the 2 quintets in the rear surround position, and use the R-14S as the front height speakers? 
  3. Will the R-14S overpower the quintets? 
    1. I just want consistent sound, that won't make me go "there go the rears".   
  4. The R25C center channel speaker is also on sale, for $124. 
    1. Should I replace the quintet center with the R25C? 
    2. Will it overpower/mismatch the other quintet speakers?
    3. If I replace the quintet center, is there anything I can do with it?  The days of 6.1 surround sound are long behind us (I still have a Panasonic SA-HE200 receiver from the 6.1 days)


I can't afford to replace all of the speakers just yet, so your advice would be much appreciated.  


Art the newbie


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