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Fixing large scratch/scuff on Reference premiere RP-280FA????

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Hey guys, So I own a set of Klipsch RP-280FA.


I recently moved form California to Florida, however one of my speakers front was slightly damaged  during the move. It does not effect the sound quality at all, but man its ugly to look at. Just cosmetic though. 


Does anyone happen to know the exact type of finish or paint Klipsch  uses on Reference premiere line?


Anything that can make this not such an eye sore. :( See attached photo 



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Ouch, I agree with Ceptorman.  Looks like if you pulled the bottom driver, applied some wood filler, sanded carefully as to not damage the area around it, and not get any mess in the cabinet, then went with a satin black paint you could get it looking OK.  Definitely, up and down strokes with the brush.  Or, maybe take it to a cabinet shop and see if they could help you out.  Just a thought. 

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Yes get a satin or semi-gloss, brush as discussed earlier (after putty and sanding). Then just before dry I would try to dab it with a brush slightly dampened with paint to try and get the rough finish back.  You will probably need to do it a few times to get it close.  Specialty finish on the baffles that will be hard to match but you should be able to get close.

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