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Running into obstacles trying to determine some information to handle my Chorus I vintage speakers. These were made back in 1988. I just discovered a tear in the woofer cone of one of them. I have no idea how this could even happen. Does age and just playing them somewhat loud (not excessive) cause this? I would appreciate your opinion on likely cause....

At any rate, I need to replace the woofer, and I have spoken to people at Klipsch who have no technical information or specifications to help me out. They tell me that the K-48-E is the woofer that was designated to go in those, although I have not extracted the speaker yet to confirm that. They tell me the K-48-EP is the replacement for that, but they can't tell me if it is an exact replacement, is a cheaper alternative, or if it is different in some way. That is what they have now, but before leaping I would like to know in detail, specification & performance comparisons between the two.

The second part of this is will there be enough difference in the two that I should buy two (2) of these and replace the one in the fellow speaker at the same time?


Any other suggestions that you know, historically speaking, would go into that one speaker?

This is what I am faced with and need enough detailed technical information, plus your experience about these, so I can make an informed and accurate decision.

A young person just saying, "THIS SHOULD WORK" isn't convincing an old audiophile that this is correct or not.

I would appreciate your opinion on my questions.


Mike Reisman
(480) 694-4808 - cell
37697 N. 94th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85262-2539

Subwoofer Tear 1.jpg

Klipsch Label 1.jpg

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I would simply repair this cut with some white wood glue (remember this is a paper cone) and a single layer of coffee filter paper over the tear (have the paper overlap the tear 3/8" all the way around) on the inside of the cone so you wont see it, use a minimal amount of adhesive enough to wet the paper patch. You will not hear any difference your speakers will match perfectly and you will save a lot of money and angst. If you work at a normal rate of speed by the time you have your speaker reassembled and set up it will be ready to play as the adhesive will be strong enough to go in 30 minutes.

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