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Chorus I HELP needed


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On 8/14/2018 at 11:59 PM, Randyh said:

you need a K48  4 Ohms -that is the original woofer made by Eminence for Klipsch , the    kappa Pro 15LFC is the closest - OEM made product - if you can't find the  original , but , then you gotta get a pair -  https://www.eminence.com/pdf/Kappa_Pro_15LFC.pdf



 That woofer is a pretty big mismatch unless I am missing something. The Chorus I is rated at 101db and that woofer is 96.8 db for a serious output difference. I briefly tried finding the exact specs for the K-48 and could not but if memory serves me well they are well over 96.8.

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4 hours ago, Dave A said:

OK there are three drivers. A tweeter a mid horn and a woofer. The stated efficiency of the Chorus, the complete speaker, by Klipsch is 101db. How does the complete system arrive at 101db when the woofer is 98db?


Placing the woofer in a ported cabinet increases the efficiency? 

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There is a lot there I don't understand. For example my MCM 1900 ranges from 98 to 100db but I can tell you when I unplug a pair of Fortes or Chorus speakers and then plug in the MCM's without touching the volume the MCM is louder and has far more drivers to push.

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