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Look what the cat dragged in..


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Great wife/cat. KG4s were my first Klipsch speakers. I don't remember mine having that PWK logo on the back passive. What year?

These are 88. They in good shape for their age but my 74 Belle’s are mint if I had to compare

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1 hour ago, Sprogk said:

Any suggestions for a receiver for these? Its just for the garage don’t want to spend too much

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I'm running my KG4s with a Pioneer SX-850.  That combination sounds great!



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23 hours ago, Sprogk said:

One passive has a tiny tear so I will be on the look out for one or is there a good way to repair?


You can use a variety of glues, applied on the back of the passive, with a layer or two of strong tissue similar to cigarette paper. I have used Weldbond adhesive. It dries clear and remains flexible. You can apply thin coats, thinned with a bit of water...using a small artists paintbrush. Works great!


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