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Well Cared for Vintage Klipschorns 1978.  KC-BR.   Serial #'s  13S349, 13S350.  Drivers:  K33E Woofers Square Mag.,  K-55V Midrange + K-400 Horn,  K-77 Tweeter Round Mag.  Crossover:  AA/A refurbished by Bob Crites (convert AA to A and back to AA with simple disconnects)  Finish:  Dark Walnut stain with traditional French Polish.  Location is near Louisville, KY.  Will not ship but will help deliver within reasonable driving distance.  $2030.00.  If interested please send me a PM and I'll try to answer ASAP.  I've bought and sold on this Forum before, great community!  Thanks,  John

Back View.jpeg

Label #2.jpeg

Label #1.jpeg

Front K-Horns.jpeg


Side View #2.jpeg

Side View.jpeg

K-Horn #4.jpeg

K-Horn #2.jpeg

K-Horn #3.jpeg

K-Horn #1.jpeg

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SOLD 6/21/18
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I have a gentleman driving down from Michigan this Saturday to pickup the K-horns. I should be hearing from him today with more details. If it falls through I’ll shoot you a PM.  If not I’ll post “sold” on the AD.  Thanks for your interest. John

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