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Height Speakers

Joe Bentes

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Got a question and not sure if this has been brought up/mentioned before in the forum.


I'm looking to add in Height Channel speakers to my 5.1 system to get Atmos sound out of my audio.  I cannot install in ceiling speakers as it would just be too big a task to take on and installing wall mounted speakers for Front Height would make more sense in my setup.  I've been looking at a few options and I'm just not a fan of the whole Atmos enabled speakers with ceiling bounce... easiest of the options, but I just don't think it will work.  I want to know if Surround Speakers would work well to disperse sound in a wide angle direction instead of just forward direction would work well since surrounds are bi-polar speakers.... Or use bookshelf speaker would do.  My only concern with bookshelf speakers have a venting port in the back, if it would cause vibrations/distortions when playing any tracks/movies.  Surround speakers don't have a rear venting port and therefore wouldn't have the same issue that bookshelf speakers have for possible vibration of air being pushed out the rear.  Looking for some guidance in this area.  Also, if someone can give recommendations on best speakers of use for front height use.  


I have the following in my system:


R82 - Front L/R

RC52 - Centre

RS42 - Surround

SW110 - Sub

Denon AVR-X3300W


Much appreciated to any input here.  Just looking for that Atmos experience.




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I don't do Atmos but do have bookshelf speakers (RB-75's) mounted for height channels. I like the effect with a lot of movie sound tracks.


If you do heights, I'd look at the RB61-II's or the RB81-II's. Both are front ported and would be a good match to you RF-82's

Pinpoint mounts work very well for this application. Either the Am-40 or AM-41 would be the ones to use.


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@TasDom, I've been looking for the RB-61 I/II's and they're hard to find.  I'm having to see if 2nd hand sites like Kijiji has anyone selling them.  The newer stuff has the rear venting port and don't want my walls vibrating when I mount them, which is why I like your suggestion of the SB-61's.


What's the effect/difference of having/not having height channels in a setup?

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