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Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers


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On 6/20/2018 at 11:46 PM, Zen Traveler said:

I was just going off the data from the source that CEC used. I have no idea but know of only people I've met her on the Klipsch Forum that listens to vinyl. My point was that most people buy speakers for Home Theater and those that listen to stereo don't buy big speakers compared to how they used to--Not even close....


That said, the most awesome Home Theater I've ever heard was at the HQ in Indy using 3 LaScalas/ 2 Belles and a pair of the THX subs and if could manage it that would be where I would start if I had the room. :) We auditioned a DTS disk along with an Animusic DVD that was AWESOME! I purchased it for everyone's Christmas present that year! 

I blame it on cell phones and MP3s Absolutely no experience with real audio. 🙄

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O.K. I made it 3 pages in before becoming; unable, to hold back my ‘typing finger’.


On 6/20/2018 at 10:26 PM, carlthess40 said:

I don’t see anywhere close to me in Orlando Florida. That sucks. Lol
How do you become an authorized dealer ?

Send me the paperwork on how to become an authorized dealer. I was asked yesterday if I was associated to KLIPSCH. My mind is racing. One of the things that I do best is problem solve. I charge $200 Million USD to keep petty companies at bay. But, periodically pick up a ‘cause’ that I can get behind. 

I have read the presuppositions from the proffered beliefs that the internet has ruined the market and people have become sullied on bulkier systems. I live in Massachusetts. So, my TRAUMA Informed opinion differs slightly. To the benefit of KLIPSCH marketing, do I commit the the following:


You assume the product you make isn’t for reservists or isolationists. That sound isn’t reproduced fully any place else? Properly stated, it isn’t reproduced accurately. The challenge for ‘realism’ is that the true claim to realism is held by live performances. But, that market isn’t what where KLIPSCH claims it’s best piece’s capability to be. Between a microphone and the speakers themselves is the crux. The belief that feedback into systems remain at issue without any industry attention to ensuring a positive delivery of amplified speaking. 

If every industry can benefit in some way. Then why not? Inherent laziness is the answer. Except fixed delivery or address halls are more systematic than labor intensive. Therefore, to be without systems of this type is without a valid (unpredictable) response. I would begin by acquiring my ACQ 103 Courses from DEFENSE ACQUISITION UNIVERSITY (DAU), make appointments with every federal entity that publicly speaks, starting at the White House. Removing the Carriage speaker wrapped in fur. Streamline a speaking system to these components. I would interrupt the strong disbelief in sound production by producing a team and dispatching them to places of worship, learning institutions, and the like. 

I send my KLIPSCH technicians to Submarine Sonar School. Then, build sound venues where the Navy pays you to educate potential recruits on the subtlety of sound. My paper would satisfy design costs, as in alterations, or redesign on spaces. Not just, a component purchase. My $300 home May value at $350 even though the speakers come with me in a move. The idea being that the area was made interchangeable for other speakers intending for that type. 

KLIPSCH produces speakers to 18khz. Older buildings or historical buildings don’t want that. Do they know that amplifiers allow them to soften that delivery of sound? No! Do they know the sound may be transplanted into a sub-vehicle also distinguishable by its ability to be dialed down? No! 

People stopped giving Good Face and others stopped listening. More fear, less face. Less family, fewer lessons. Every great common thing has been incorporated. Every niche thing has been strained and distilled from the poor and ‘People of Color’ until enough; fill, has been absorbed already. 

I suspect there are PRIVATEERS who abscond previous versions to new markets overseas. Holding space on pioneering pieces assembled from years of assembling like a cultivated art museum -curated KLIPSCH sound systems. You already have a website. Initiate first rights purchasing. Give your dealers a resurgence in inventory when it becomes available. Don’t just sell it. Keep it in the ‘FAMILY’. A path to generational wealth. 

O.K. my angst has lapsed. My ‘typing finger’ feels better now.

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I wanted to add something. The thing about art is that we have museums to indoctrinate young students into that they might know the world is larger. There is no such indoctrination or ways of gaining that exposure to see or to say what Sound is. How do you do that? 

Remember that most people have not heard their voices amplified and played through a speaker or recorded even. I would say that there are people in this world that have been brutalized and given so much weight that the idea of surrender is truly possible, but it would have to be something worthy of that. Music has always, always risen to that occasion. To be present in those moments at the antipathy of everything which would develop around the nucleus of pain and uncertainty and development of who we ultimately become. This is centered around the idea of something that existed before we had the knowledge of true self. Period of doubt perhaps. A time of significant loss. Any event that was not ours to control. 

The other thing to is that there is not a lot of wattage required for the systems to reproduce sound? That makes it more ideal than you could possibly imagine. For local city state Township or borough, for any municipality to be required to speak before the public to address the public at large if they wish to have those systems with the fur on it for outside venues and carry that to do all of those things. What I meant by lazy was that we have so many pieces of equipment that help us to move items. to reduce the amount of work necessary to do so. People would much rather carry eight of these different speakers than just two of what may be a heritage series. That may be of less weight.


But if it’s a fixed system. Then there is no argument. If I had a dealer license, I wouldn’t want for the state that I’m in. I would want to be able to call in airstrikes and send a team to assemble a product in a location for very specific client that serves a very specific purpose. 

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Oh, to my shame. I’ve researched KLIPSCH systems and not until @mookiej put the ad up for his Klipsch KI-396 SMA-II For Sale St. Louis.

I did not know KLIPSCH made live sound gear. My criticism is undeserved. My research which, is usually, pretty good, did not come up with any of the Commercial/Pro Audio items listed. 

Today I found the PRO AUDIO website page. Thus, I am happily eating my own words. If KLIPSCH has live sound….That is DEALER LICENSE I choose. @Travis In Austin


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That is pretty good. But, no I don’t:

drink coffee



drink alcohol 

High Sugar intake

Do many Added sugars

14 hours ago, Coytee said:

I'm guessing you don't drink de-caffinated drinks?






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