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Metal Trim for LSI source?

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I have been lurking here for awhile......first post.  I picked up a set of LSI's earlier this year, my first foray into Klipsch.  My wife loved the looks of the LSI's with the metal trim :D and was like "Yes!".  Currently have them set up in the bedroom hooked to a Yamaha AVR for now.  Last weekend pick up a rough set of La Scala splits.  Is there a source for the metal trim like on the LSI's?  The trim is not just angle aluminum because the edges seem to be rounded over.  And is there a place to get the corner brackets as well?


Any insight and/or help much appreciated!

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Anyone know if WC ever got his planned production of them figured out?


The below is old (probably 6 years) but here's WC's info.  He was getting it setup but, I don't know if he ever got it completed or not.  (he had some health issues and disappeared for a while)


I don't know that these are still good bits of data:



W. C. Fischer
Panacea Engineering Company
408 Rountree Road
Charlotte, NC 28217
Authorized Klipsch Dealer
Nextel: 980-721-6567
email: PanaceaEngrCo@aol.com, heli001@aol.com

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