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Some LS'll Grill love


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So I got my LS'll's about 7 weeks ago and being one of them ppl who "perceive" a difference with grills off, I soon removed them and continued listening. After a few days I felt they looked a lil ugly that way and also being Black Ash they seemed to be trying to hide in the corner. I started thinking on some Idea's for custom grills that could solve all  3 issues. Then took the faceplates off and started searching the net for grill cloth.

Found site Mojotone  and ordered some http://www.mojotone.com/Cabinets_x/Grillcloth_x/Mojotone-Black-Tan-w-Gold-Sparkle-Grill-Cloth-33-W and http://www.mojotone.com/Cabinets_x/Grillcloth_x/British-Style-Small-Weave-Cane-Grill-Cloth-32-W

When the grill cloth arrived I contacted a local guy who had an add , https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/st-catharines/custom-made-speaker-grills-paradigm-polk-klipsch-energy-b-w-more/1309697406

for custom grills and invited him over to discuss my grill plan.

A week or so later we came up with these.


g9.thumb.jpg.574e751038482052366afc5fb4435f54.jpg    Face plates

g2.thumb.jpg.994f101667b6dc13dfec72b465d7c528.jpgg4.thumb.jpg.31689936c520dc15d528bf7897ffd91e.jpgg5.thumb.jpg.22e2385a843d862d7e0d0a2b6b2e53fe.jpg Logo's for these came from Russian guy on E-Bay

Have pics of second set with the British Cane but hit limit so will post below.

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Heres the Cane grills, still waiting for box corners for them and am also going to paint trim gloss blackg7.thumb.jpg.22a734e924e52d6e0532b2eaf36eaee9.jpgg8.thumb.jpg.a21fd9a62475f48b151841822396c619.jpg Flash shows how transparent these are, no audible difference with these on or off.

These are factory Logo's from Klipsch via their Canadian parts distributor Gentec International.

will post a few more pics when these are done

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