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Dumb question?


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Thank you Tony...I hope you are right and the Denon is all I need. but it is nice to know if not...I can upgrade my power with a sperate amp. I will put the set up together and see how she sounds and go from there.

You will have MORE than enough power. KLIPSCH are renowned for their efficiency.

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If you are going with separate amp and pre-proc I suggest looking at this https://emotiva.com/collections/amps/products/build-your-own?variant=6293371519019

You can build the amp to your needs and they also have some proc's to choose from.

I had a pair of RF-7iii's and ran an XPA-2 with them and they sounded incredible. RF-7's love power and these amps provide it .

I should also say that I had at first hooked them up to a Sony AVR rated at 130wpc 2 channel driven and while they sounded good,they didn't achieve anywhere near 

their potential until I fed them some quality 200-300 wrms /ch  power.

To sum it up, personally I believe if you hook the RF-7iii's up to an AVR, yer never gonna hear what they can really do.

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