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FS Crown XLS2002 and custom subwoofer


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The wife is tired of my insanity.  My Belles are up for sale and so is my DIY subwoofer and amp.  The amp is about 3 months old (Crown XLS2002) and the subwoofer box is about the same.  The two Dayton HF15 drivers are about a year old.  It all works swimmingly and will melt your eyeballs and earholes.  I'm asking $500 for everything.  The crown amp is $500 new, the drivers are $172 a piece new.  If you just want the drivers and the amp I can ditch the box.  I'm in Northern CA.  Would prefer local pickup but am willing to discuss shipping.



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My intention with another sub would be to smooth out the frequency response. I have a single dts-10 subwoofer to cover below 40 hz and the response is a bit ragged. I have a pair of jtr growlers for >40hz. These subs are also fairly efficient being horn designs. 


I wanted to see the frequency response to understand how this sub might integrate with these- especially below 40. Do you have any predicted and actual responses? Measurements close to the driver would be better to take the room out of the equation. 

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I can get the mic up at 1m for measurements and also at listening position tomorrow. I can tell you that it can hit sub 20hz and make the windows flex in my large living room.  Ill post results tomorrow for you. I've used it with La Scala and Belles and it blends nicely.

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