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New Forum Member Group Tiers

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To assist in spam prevention, I've altered the membership group tiers a little.


The structure is like this:

  • New Members
    • All new registrations are added to this group first.
    • These users must have their first post approved by a moderator before it is displayed.
    • Can only create 1 post per day until their first post is approved.
  • Members
    • New Members are promoted to this group upon their 5th post.
  • Regulars
    • Members are promoted to this group upon their 50th post
  • Heritage Members
    • Regulars are promoted to this group upon their 5000th post


Some members in the "Regulars" group may have less than 50 posts right now. That's OK. They were "grandfathered in".


There may be times I turn off the "require moderator approval" restriction on New Members, but for now, it will be on.


Thanks for understanding.


P.S. - There are other benefits of the higher-tier groups, such as increased attachment storage, etc. I'll post about that at a later time.

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